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Wednesday, 17 October 2007

How to solve the immigration problem: the reverse BNP solution

Before I start, for the benefit of overseas readers I should explain that the BNP is the British Fascist Party, who keep on calling for the repatriation of everyone whose colour or ethnic origin they dislike.

They are a sort of mirror image of the politically correct halfwits who run most of the institutions in Britain today

What follows is a comment on some news that came out today

I see that what I’ve always known has been finally confirmed. Immigrants work harder, are a lesser charge on the various state giveaway services and on balance bring a lot of benefit to our economy.

The trouble is that there’s something of a housing shortage, which prompts me to put forward with some confidence a simple solution to a problem that vexes all of us. What can we do about the idle druggies and beggars who infest the streets, mostly because they can’t be bothered to work?

Some particularly infuriate me, especially a well-dressed, strapping gay black one who regularly takes up space on a bench on the King’s Road which should be reserved for old farts like me. Not so long ago we spotted him going into a very expensive shoe shop that’s way beyond my reach, but I haven’t seen him for a bit. Probably on holiday in Barbados.

In the reign of Elizabeth 1st an excellent edict was passed which called for all able bodied rogues and vagabonds to be swept off the streets and locked up. Knowing the way this country works, it’s probably never been repealed, but isn't very practical as our jails nowadays are full to overflowing. On the other hand in those far off days they didn’t have the excellent international travel facilities we now enjoy, which make my simple proposal feasible.

I propose an exchange programme. We should gather up all these useless British drones and ne’er do wells and pack them off to places like Poland, Romania and Bulgaria which are sending us so many good people. Once they got there they’d soon get licked into shape, as there’s no choice there but to work or starve - and we wouldn’t have to keep giving them unemployment money and, if we’re foolish, spare cash.

In short, the BNP have the right idea, but the wrong people in mind.

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