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Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Tonight’s News, as delivered by patronising twats who think we’re as thick as they are

Have you been heaving the odd sigh of relief at not getting a peep out of me for a few days?
I’ve just been too damn busy on a couple of projects, and getting ready for a trip to Australia.
However, a frisson of fury motivated me to write this after seeing the news on the TV channel called More 4, which they really should consider renaming CrassTV.
1. The lady announcer, not content with sitting quietly and telling us what’s been going on insists on walking up and down. Why? Is she just showing off - “I can read a teleprompter and move at the same time”? Or does she think we all suffer from attention deficiency syndrome? Maybe she fears being pelted by rotten fruit and veg.
2. The director – or whoever pulls her strings - certainly deserves to be. Every time she mentions something, the idiot seems to feel the need to show something that tells us what it's all about, as though we're half-wits.
3. For instance, there was an item about Wales – and all of a sudden you saw shots of waves and pebbles on a beach and seagulls, as if to say “this is what Wales is like”. Come on, there's more to Wales than that. Why not someone singing or playing rugby or shagging a sheep? At least it would be involving and suggest something happens in Wales.
4. Then the story moves to Heathrow. Instead of the woman saying what is happening at Heathrow, they feel compelled to cut to a man at Heathrow telling us. What a waste of money. Don’t we all know what a bloody airport looks like? God knows we spend enough time queueing in them.
The world is being run, lock, stock and leaking barrel, by wankers.

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