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Sunday, 25 May 2008

Want to save the environment?

I often quote Lord Salisbury, one of more lugubrious of Queen Victoria’s prime ministers, who said: “One thing long experience of life has taught me is that you never should trust experts.”

This maxim applies with special force to do-gooders.

Take recycling. Next time you see a piece bearing some pious message about “this was printed on recycled paper”, take the article in question and wipe your arse on it.

The processes (especially the bleaching) used to recycle are far more damaging to the environment than the alternative.

And I might add that for every tree used in Scandinavia to produce paper, two or three more are planted. It’s the law, and I imagine the same applies in Canada.

That’s just a snippet I learned from a printer the other day. It’s true.

The most damaging thing for the environment is the hot air produced by experts who fly at vast expense to exotic spots where they get together to pollute the surrounding area - and the minds of those who listen to them

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