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Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Whenever you feel tempted to feel sorry for the wretch ….

Read what Steven Ashworth of Dumfries wrote about Brown in a recent letter to The Sunday Telegraph:

“This is the man who has wrecked the nation’s occupational pension system; this is the man who refused to implement a High Court ruling to compensate pensioners; this is the man who sold half the nation’s gold for $275 an ounce (current price $930); this is the man who callously abolished the 10p tax rate; this is the man who has mortgaged every citizen for decades to come, with his profligate borrowing and spending. And, this is the man will receive a pension of £95,000 a year at the end of his political career.”

I am only sorry Mr. Ashworth didn’t mention that this is also the man whose impeccable (and of course, prudent) judgement about where to spend and where to save money sent British soldiers to die in Iraq and Afghanistan, where he richly deserves to take early retirement. Let us hope his principal adviser, Prince Ballsup, joins him with a mission to teach reading and writing - but, not, we trust, arithmetic, as the locals would end up thinking 2 + 2 = 7.6, unless it's already been counted three times in an attempt to mislead people.

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