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Sunday, 9 November 2008

The Bliar's friend does it again

I must apologise.

I was going to write about the £12 million the great Bliar has earned from making speeches since he left this country in the shit and in the gentle care of the Prudent Haggis.

I was thinking of likely titles. "How Dubya and I found victory in Iraq and Afghanistan" seemed a runner. Or "Cherie is right. I really am a better leader than Winston Churchill" and perhaps "Why Silvio always gives me a big wet goodnight kiss when we stay at his villa".

Then of course Silvio Berlusconi spoilt my plan rather as he is busy running what's left of Italy by excelling himself, with his remark about Obama being "good-looking, young and tanned". This is what passes for wit amongst racist ex-cruise ship crooners and it produced a wonderful riposte in the form of a banner carried by one of the many thousands who marched in protest: "Better young and tanned than a bald dwarf."

Nobody knows where Tony's friend got his money from, but everybody knows that each time he gets into power he passes laws to prevent himself being investigated and prosecuted. Poor Italy.

The country reminds me of the famous saying about another country - Mexico - also full of wonderful people betrayed by corrupt politicians and unbelievably vicious criminals. "So near to the United States, and so far from God".

By the way, have you seen "Gomorra" the absolutely wonderful film about the Camorra in Naples? Those are the kind of people Berlusconi appears to favour. As soon as he got into power the first time he dismissed the heroic (and often fatal) efforts of the honest magistrates of Italy. What an utter shit. When you mix with people like that it says something about you.

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