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Thursday, 29 January 2009

Darling, what’s all this “we” shit about?

This morning I read that the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Alastair Darling says that though we face the worst recession of all developed countries we will pull through.

It reminded me of an old radio serial featuring The Lone Ranger and his faithful sidekick, Tonto, a Red Indian in those days, but now, as the PC hordes say, a Native American.

The dialogue went:

Lone Ranger: Comanche ahead of us! Apache behind us! Cheyenne on that side! Sioux on the other! What do we do, Tonto?

Tonto: What’s with all this “we” shit, paleface?

So, Alastair, what’s with all this “we” shit?

YOU will pull though with your index-linked pension. The Great Bloated Haggis will pull through with his index-linked pension. But we will be paying the bill for your fuck-ups for decades.

Come to think of it, I’d almost forgotten how the Haggis halved the value of my pension.

He taxed the shit out of it to pay for all those brilliant initiatives - as in Iraq, Afghanistan and "let’s hire lots more gay, lesbian and transgendered activity-coordinators who’ll vote for us". Maybe they get index-linked pensions, too.

The truth is, this country is divided between the ponces – the people who create nothing and wouldn’t know how to – and the rest of us.

The rest of us are seriously pissed off.

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