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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Folly exposed: the most important piece I have seen in years - from the New York Times

Most people have it all wrong.

Every time someone comes to me for advice - as a young American did last week - I give the same dull, unexciting advice. Study.

I said, "If you go into a room confident that you know more about the subject that anyone else, believe me, that is a marvellous feeling."

Every time someone interviews me, as someone did last week, and asks about the secret of success, I say the same dull thing. Study.

I said, and I meant it, that any success I have had is nothing to do with me. I get down on my knees every night and thank God for the people who are more talented than me but can't be bothered to study.

Blithering idiots.

Their ignorance and sloth are astounding

A study of senior marketers which I love quoting sought to find out what they knew. It was found that if every respondent had answered "I don't know" to every question, they would as a whole have got better average marks than they did.

All success and happiness, of a nation, a person or business starts with knowing more. I sold my agency to the firm - Ogilvy and Mather - that was most dedicated to training, not to Grey who offered a better deal but only cared about money.

In the New York Times a piece by Nicholas Kristof points out that in those nations which are doing best, like Singapore and South Korea, teachers are paid more than lawyers.

In those nations, teachers are highly respected and paid better than lawyers and engineers.

In the U.S. a good starting lawyer takes home $115,000 more than a good starting teacher.

No lawyer can set you up for life. A good teacher can.

By not paying enough to teachers and too much to legal vultures, shoddy local politicians and financial drones we are mortgaging our children's future.

Of all the things I do, training is by far the most valuable.

"Knowledge itself is power" - Francis Bacon.

P. S. I see the bloody machine that sets up these blogs has started playing silly buggers with the type again.

P. P. S. Was that piece a subtle promotion for my seminars? No. But since you ask, I have lost count of the number of people who say I help them succeed. I get at least one message a day saying so.

P. P. S. Should I also say that I am fast approaching 15 years past the age when many people retire, so this could be your last chance?

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