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Saturday, 11 August 2007

I’m writing this in the clammy heat of Brooklyn, where my eldest son lives. I come here often to see him and my youngest daughter who lives in New Jersey. (Don’t panic – despite their astounding good looks I am not going to show you family snapshots.)

Tomorrow, I’m being interviewed by Clayton Makepeace who may be the highest paid copywriter in the world. Among other things we’ll be discussing the greatest sins marketers make.

The e-on commercial I was rude about is a pretty good example of one: losing touch with your customers – and reality. My comments drew a response from my old partner Glenmore – a copy of one of the most famous advertisements ever. Here it is.
This was aimed at business advertisers, obviously. But it’s peculiarly relevant to the e-on folly. Incidentally, in the very first edition of this rambling monologue, I showed some saucy pictures of Glenmore’s trip to the Royal Enclosure at Ascot. He still hasn’t told me how he managed it.

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