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Friday, 11 January 2008

Australia - for those interested

Stu asked me to let him know what I'm doing in Oz ... clearly a covert way to arrange a lynching.

The answer is that I am definitely doing most of a day in Perth and also I think a keynote speech, for fundraisers, on February 22nd and 23rd respectively. A happy coincidence because the first time I ever did a solo full day in my life (and was I shitting myself - or what?) was in Perth, 23 years ago.

I believe I am doing some breakfast talks for Australia Post who've been my genial hosts regularly since that first terrifying day in Perth. I'm also going to Sydney and maybe Tassie - not sure yet where or when I'm telling my jokes, but the last time I did one for them it was in one of the toughest venues on earth.

It was a beautiful private room in a restaurant neatly perched near Circular Quay. On one side, a glorious view of the Opera House; on the other, the Harbour Bridge. No distractions at all:-) Now THAT was a challenge!

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