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Sunday, 29 March 2009

One law for them; one for the rest of us?

A friend sends me pretty good jokes at regular intervals.

He is what they now call "gay" but used to call all kinds of things.

The line under his last one read: Kentucky, five million people, 15 last names.

That's quite funny though not that much, and I doubt if anyone is going to haul him up before the law for it.

There are lots of jokes like that about the Irish, the Poles, the Jews, the Belgians and so on depending where you live

But imagine if it had been about gay blades? Or black/brown/muslim/anyone politically correct arseholes cherish.

There is a massive industry funded by the Gordon Brown Fund for Pissing Away as Much of Our Money as Possible on Useless Shit devoted to teaching the police and various other public servants how not to offend people who should know by now that real life isn't for sensitive flowers and you'd better get used to it, pal.

Bring back the days when you could take the piss out of everyone.

Except for elderly English scribblers, of course.

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