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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

See the world's most watched clip - and rejoice

Bloody hell! I go away for five days, come back yesterday - and nothing's changed.

Yet another Minister is found to have been been fiddling his expenses.

An article reads "Cameron talks of the pain of losing his son" which no doubt he felt he should share with us all, not thinking for a second that it might influence people's votes one day.

And the Great Bloated Toad - so long acclaimed as a financial genius by all the experts - is told by the Bank or England that he can't count. Not a good qualification for tell the world how to sort out its economies, is it?

As a headline in the Daily Mash puts it: THERE'S NO MORE MONEY, SAYS MAN WHO PRINTS ALL THE MONEY.

One thing we can all be sure of: however much or little money, it will all be provided by us. Every penny.

This morning, though, I was immensely cheered up by what is the currently the world's most watched clip on U Tube.

It's Daniel Hannan, a Member of the European Parliament eviscerating the Toad in Brussels.

See it it at http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/daniel_hannan/blog/2009/03/24/so_i_said_to_gordon_brown_i_said ... and rejoice.

Then worry, because the one-eyed git seems to think it's funny.

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