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Thursday, 7 May 2009

Drivel rules, OK?

After his loony starring roles on U-Tube I think we can agree, can't we, that the Great Bloated Toad is a spitting mad megalomaniac. Like the Michael Jackson of politics, but without the talent.

It appears to be catching.

Gloriously unaware that we have a teeny weeny financial problem in these parts, our witless, shifty, not-as-good-as-a-wank Home Secretary, "Jacqui" Smith is still determined to piss away £5 billion on identity cards which no independent authority thinks will achieve anything.

What a waste this is! Surely she knows better than anyone how much useful household bric-a-brac the money could buy.

Incidentally, aren't you amused by the way Cameron and the Toad are all claiming to be like Obama. They deserve to be put right.

This is how it is, you sad pair of bastards, so you can tell the difference in future.

Obama speaks with a strong American accent, Dave. Didn't go to Eton, had to work his way up from nothing, doesn't keep having his bike stolen because a) he's not stupid b) he doesn't need to keep trying to seem like an ordinary bloke and c) he drives around in a bomb-proof car.

Now for you, Gordon. Obama is the nice one, remember? The gentleman. The one who shook hands with the policeman outside 10 Downing Street when he came visiting. Not the self-centred, graceless, marooned-up-his-own-arse twat who didn't? Got that?

By the way, any chance of you doing the moonwalk on your next show?

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