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Monday, 8 November 2010

"Spot ate Cameron's homework" and other useful stuff

I'm down here in Delray Beach, Florida - and don't feel envious. The weather is crap - though somewhat better than the first time I came this way.

That was quite a few years ago, and I had the terrifying experience of being bang slap in the eye of Hurricane Andrew. This time it's just grey and miserable.

I'm here to do a speech at the Early-to-Rise event about one secret of success which almost every marketer ignores - and to get an award for spending so many years in this business without going to jail.

So what is this jamboree like? Having been to God knows how many, I can tell you I am no fan of these affairs. But I am impressed.

The whole thing was kicked off yesterday with a two hour talk from Michael Masterson which was really full of commonsense, simple advice. Now I know where I'm going wrong.

At drinks last night I spent much of my time with MaryEllen Tribby, a very clever lady indeed who was CEO of Early-to-Rise until she started http://workingmomsonly.com just a few months ago.

I thought it was such a bright idea I wrote to her when she started saying so - and being efficient, she remembered me doing so.

Today she did a talk with Michael Masterson called Perception versus Reality - an excellent guide to starting a business, which started with wonderful demolition of all the get rich quick rubbish I get every day.

I made a lot of notes - but saw many people took none. Fools.

She listed five things you need to get started - and gave ten tips, which I'm listing below. They are all simple, and widely ignored

  • Know something personal about someone you want to deal with
  • Be sincere
  • Respond to people quickly
  • Be on time
  • Don't use your family as an excuse if you're late (she's obviously keen on timeliness!) (Great line: "Spot ate Cameron's homework"
  • Be positive
  • Do your research about someone's business if you want to deal with them
  • Don't gossip
  • Give more than you get
  • Just say no if you can't do something
I guess I get about 3 out of 10

She also talked about humble-isation. Good advice to people who start to feel arrogant because they've had a little success

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