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Sunday, 9 January 2011

George Clooney, Jamie Oliver, Oprah Winfrey - and my butterfly mind

How interesting to compare useless sluts like Paris Hilton with people like George Clooney.

He puts his fame to good use and is off to Sudan to try and see what is up with the elections being run by the murderous regime there. Besides being an exceptionally fine actor he is a good man - as far as I can see.

The same with Jamie Oliver, so successful that although he promotes for Sainsbury's
their greatest competitor Tesco feel they have to sell his products. He works hard trying to stop people digging their graves with their teeth and helping young people escape the results of our miserable educational system.

I don't know much about Oprah Winfrey. She must find it impossible to keep her head amidst such constant adulation, but I have always thought anyone who rose from such dire poverty to such astounding success must be admirable. Anyhow, I've always been fascinated by her, maybe because I have a lot of African-American family connections.

I mention her today because James Hammond who I am doing the Branding event with just sent me something she said about mentoring - a word I hate.

"A mentor
allows you to see the hope inside yourself."

Isn't that good?

What has that to do with my butterfly mind? Well, I toyed with mentoring a year or so ago and have been running a small group ever since.

Each time we meet they ask me what I am doing to promote the idea, but I've never got organised - I take on too many things at once. However many people claim they have succeeded with my help**, and I get kind messages most days, so maybe I should give it another go.

If the subject interests you, let me know. I see it as a very small Mastermind group - maximum ten.

In the meantime, I should tell you that within four days over 120 people have said they're interested in the branding event - probably more than we can cope with. I'll tell you more early in the week.

I had another two ideas yesterday, but I won't bore you with them yet.

** Help takes strange forms. When I was in New York a while ago the worldwide head of
OgilvyOne told his colleagues that my help when he was running the Toronto office mainly consisted of insulting him and eating expensive lunches. However, he did admit that it worked.

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