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Thursday, 5 May 2011

So how SHOULD you choose an agency?

Having got that bit of spleen about pitching off my teeny little concave chest, you may wonder how you should choose an agency.

This is what I think.

Do your research. Look out for work you like that has got results - and only talk to agencies who get results. Ignore those that just win awards unrelated to measurable results.

Look at agency websites. Try to find good ones (not easy - most try to be too bloody clever for their own good - or yours).

Look at who their clients are. Look at their work, if any, results if any - and client testimonials. Ring up their clients and ask what they think

Make a short list, no more than 5, preferably less.

Go to their offices. You won't learn a damn thing sitting in yours.

Ask them to take you through one or two success stories and a failure. Get them to explain what went right and why - and vice versa. Don't let them get away with vague waffle; make them be precise.

If they say they don't have any failures, walk out.

Explain what you want. See what they say. Does it make sense? Do you like them? Yes: it is best to do business with people you like.

Ask them who precisely will work on your business and what they will do. Make sure you meet them, not just some flash bullshitters with fancy titles.

Now, choose the two or at most the three agencies you like best, and ask them to create something to test. Pay them. Do you work for nothing?

Doesn't that make more sense than having a committee of noddies making the decision?

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