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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Watch out! Menaces about - especially Olympic fascists. Plus a little about my folly

Well I put that up because a friend sent it and it amused me.

In marketing there are many equivalent follies - financially, if not physically as dangerous.

Take the poster at the bottom, put up by the Olympic Nazis - and if at all possible deface it..

It is on a road near the station here in Bristol. The traffic goes whizzing past - so nobody sees it anyhow: just another example of the way our money gets pissed away by The Great Clueless Who Run Things.

Please note the following.

Not content with having the ugliest Olympic logo ever at a cost of £400,000, Wolf, Olins, the famous Rip Off Design Specialists created an extraordinarily hideous typeface to go with it.

Then we see what I can only call an insult to athletes three cartoon half-wits standing on a car who clearly should have their heads jammed down the nearest toilet asap.

They are there to remind us that the roads to the Olympics will be usurped by assorted creeps, free-loaders, politicians and bribe-takers preventing ordinary people (who will pay for this farce) from using them.

Why any sane person would want to remind us all of this is a mystery; but then so are many of the decisions these people make.

I shall keep well away from London and the TV throughout something that has as much to do with the Olympic spirit as a pool of puke. I would certainly encourage anyone who could arrange for massive blocks of ice the size of automobiles to fall from a great height on the entire unOlympic Freeloaders Committee

The only good thing is that the design is so bad that nobody will notice.

You, however, if you get my emails, will have noticed a positive avalanche about my Bristol copy day, which I must apologise for, as they are likely to continue.

The thing is that although the seats are filling up, thank God, I may have made a foolish mistake.

I'll explain why in a day or two - but anyhow, you don't have to read my guff unless you want to make more money. And you don't have to book now unless you want to save £100.

I must apologise to those who have booked yet keep getting emails. De-duping is extraordinarily time-consuming. But I have made a series of short videos which you may find interesting anyhow.

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