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Tuesday, 3 July 2007

************************Folly of the Week************************

I promised to show you something dopey at least once a week. But it’s too easy to criticise, so I’ll also show you something I think is excellent. Where better to start than with the world’s second biggest employer – after Indian Railways? Yes: it’s the dear old NHS as sorely afflicted by deadly germs as it’s clogged up with bureaucratic drivel.

An article I read the other day suggests that the former is mainly because a radical new idea called keeping things clean has yet to take hold. The latter no doubt comes from semi-literate bureaucrats who confuse pomposity with meaning.

Here’s a sign I saw opposite the Chelsea and Fulham Hospital.

What does it mean? Any clues? Do they come and shout at you or beat you up if you’re ill?

Twenty yards away is another sign in the window of Richer Sounds/ They used to have the highest turnover per square foot of any store in the U.K. – and may still have with messages this clear. Here it is.

What is the difference between these two signs?

My old boss David Ogilvy used to say “We sell – or else”.

The NHS sign is from people who, if they fail, just get more of your money and mine to squander on drivel when they should be investing in soap.

The other is from people who know they have to sell – or be out of work.

Makes a difference, doesn’t it?

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