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Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Sordid details and politically correct comments postponed …but in the meantime some marketing (yawn) …

I realise you may be straining at the leash to hear about the stripper, immigration and so on, but here’s something that may be of practical interest.

I wrote an article on subscriptions marketing a little while ago that my friend Peter Hobday published on his website. It may make you think. Look at


I don’t know of anything harder to write copy for than subscriptions – nor anyone who has as much good advice on the matter than Peter.

------“Don’t be such a wise-guy, Drayton.”------

I once worked with a man who had cost the Mafia a ton of money – and lived.

When I got carried away he would say “Don’t be such a wise-guy, Drayton.”

So having promised to point out something stupid each week, I thought I’d be complimentary for a pleasant change.

In a store window by Piccadilly Circus I saw this line: “How old is your brain?”

Immediately I thought, is my brain older than my body? Or younger? Or just useless, as I fear? How do I make it young? Or keep it young?

Who would not be interested – no matter how old they are?

If only I could write stuff as provocative as that every day!

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