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Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Are you out of your tree or what?

This morning I was going through my e-mails after getting back from Oz and I saw the dopiest invitation.

It was from the editor of a magazine called The Informed Executive.

It read - boringly and complete with mandatory jargon and the redundant quotation marks usually found on greengrocers' windows in Penge:

It may interest you that the business services edition opens with an interview with the DBERR Secretary of State, John Hutton, MP. That piece concludes with the 'message' that UK businesses need to be pro-active in doing business with Europe. If you are keen to raise your profile as a European player, this would be a good opportunity to do so.

God, what a breakthrough. Do they think we should be inactive?

More to the point, what can Mr. Hutton teach anyone in business?

His entire employment history before becoming a professional bullshitter under the Bliar reads:

Research Associate Templeton College. 1980-81
Senior Lecturer in Law at Newcastle Polytechnic 1981 – 92

Now, joking apart, what the hell could you learn from a man who has NEVER IN HIS LIFE WORKED IN A BUSINESS THAT HAD TO MAKE MONEY?

Very droll.

Maybe the mag should be called The Misinformed Executive. On second thoughts, though, maybe I’m being unfair. It does pay to know your enemy. Or perhaps this is some kind of post-ironic jape.

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