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Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Why we’re in a worst state than we were

In an exchange last week I was talking about a man called Will Hutton who wrote a book essentially to promote the Bliar called “The State we’re in”.

(Incidentally, you can lay odds that anyone called Will is left wing. It's one of those phoney matey pseudo working class names. The last genuine one was Will Scarlett in Robin Hood).

Well if you want to know why we’re now in an even worse state, consider a few pieces of news over recent days.

1. 88% of British people want a referendum on whether we sign up to the latest version of the European Constitution. All three parties promised it. Two out of three reneged.

2. The powers that be feel that drug addicts, who are responsible for most crime, should not go to jail. Why not, when they can get drugs more easily there? Everyone would be happier.

3. A prostitute arrested in Ipswich for soliciting complained the council was doing nothing to help her get off drugs. Like a lot of people nowadays she thinks her problems belong to someone else.

4. London’s mayor, Ken Livingstone often appears drunk in public, praises and gives civic receptions to Arab and Irish terrorists and is a disgusting anti-Semite. His close associates are now under investigation for stealing money – three arrests so far. And who believes Ken knew nothing about what they all called "Ken's slush fund"? Yesterday he delivered a sermon lamenting that parents are raising their children with no sense of right or wrong. What an arsehole.

All that in the few days since I came back from Australia. Mind you, if I lived there, I would be a little worried about Kevin Rudd, who seems to have picked up a few hints from the Bliar.

One of Tony’s little wrinkles was that rather than do anything to solve problems he would set up a commission. That always puts things on hold for a couple of years while he thought up some new excuses.

Kevin is setting up commissions as fast as he can think up names for them. But he beats the Bliar for sheer effrontery.

After his first 100 days he got someone to write a report (which I guesss the tax payers paid for)on how wonderfully he was doing. Then he went on TV to tell the world.

This is known in yiddish as chutzpah. The best definition is the story of the man that murdered both his parents who said to the judge “How can you prosecute an orphan?”

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