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Friday, 18 July 2008

Engish Weather explained

A friend sent me this, and I just couldn't resist it.

In deference to The Archbishop of Canterbury and The Royal Commission for Political Correctness, it was announced today that the local climate should no longer be referred to as 'English Weather,' but rather than offend a sizable portion of the population, it should be described as 'Muslim Weather.'

In other words, 'partly Sunni but mostly Shi'ite.'

For those of you not blessed with the holiness of the entirely ludicrous and irrelevant Archbishop of Canterbury, I should explain that he is a clerical buffoon who not long ago suggested that English law would have to start incorporating elements of Sharia law.

He himself, perhaps to signify a subtle shift in the direction of Islam, has a beard, though, like most things related to the Church of England, it is a feeble, lack-lustre affair.

He will never be fully accepted among the brave, full-blooded, 100% hairy, "let's get our women and cretins to blow themselves up for Allah" elements of the community so eagerly subsidised by the Commission for the Human Rights of Everyone Who Wants to Come Over Here and Kill Us but Daren't Go Back to Where They Came From Because Nobody There is Fooled for a Minute.

I might add that the large homosexual element amongst the clergy must have been a bit alarmed by His Disgrace the Archbishop's remark as we all know what Mohamed thought about buggery.

Mind you, we of the the West are not unique in our contradictions. All communities have them.

I recall learning many years ago that a popular Pathan (those are the Afghans we are helping, dear) poem begins, "There's a boy across the river with a bottom like a peach, but alas, I cannot swim."

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