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Friday, 25 September 2009

Fondly dedicated to every designer and copywriter around

Graphic designer versus clienthttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VfprIxNfCjk

That was sent to me by Ian Dewar who besides being a connoisseur of jokes also has a keen eye for the ludicrous. So he was kind enough to draw to my attention that the idiots in charge are going to pay a marketing agency to run a campaign telling us that VAT is going up to what it used to be.

This is the equivalent of standing up in a crowded room and reminding everyone you shat in your pants a week ago just when they've forgotten what a dreadful stink you made.

If you make a stupid decision like reducing VAT by a smidgeon, creating immense expense for merchants and no discernible benefit to the economy, you just hope to God nobody remembers what a bunch of witless twats you were.

You do NOT piss away more of our money (you can't keep printing it forever, you dunderheads) running a campaign to remind everyone.

Somebody should tell the cretins responsible that, as the Chartered Institute of Marketing has kindly pointed out, the aim of marketing is: "to establish and satisfy customer needs at a profit" not to spray cash around like a bunch of randy tomcats with not the slightest hope of satisfying anyone and a high probability of annoying the hell out of millions.

And if that's just a teeny weeny too hard for their tiny, little, vacant heads to take in, you'd think they'd realise the only thing it IS likely to do is lose votes.

I guess this cockeyed scheme comes out of the same loony bin that thinks really believe "paying tax needn't be taxing".

In the words of the Blessed David Ogilvy, "the consumer is not a moron; she is your wife."

The morons are all in government.

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