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Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Well, if Bono and Kissinger think he's good, that's alright, eh?

Ben Saffer sent me a message yesterday that read: "Have you f****ing seen this? WHAT?????

He referred me to Gordon Brown being named World Statesman of the Year by some mad selection committee in America for his "vision and dedication during the world financial crisis".

Back at home his vision and dedication have brought the pound to below par against the Euro, but there was a touching picture of him being hugged by another world statesman - Bono.

The man who gave the award was the repugnant Henry Kissinger - Nixon's partner in crime. His very special brand of vision and dedication helped to incinerate large numbers of women and children in Vietnam, Laos and other exotic spots in the '70's.

As we all know, one of the most striking benefits produced by the Visionary Toad is that from being one of the lowest taxed developed countries we are now one of the highest taxed. So one of Gordon's Merry Band of Morons, a man called Timms, has announced there will be a new tax - to "help fund broadband".

As with all such statements this is meaningless, but I have a better idea.

If people want broadband, let them pay for it in the normal commercial way. As sure as the post will be delayed tomorrow if the government gets involved billions will drain away in the trackless swamps of bureaucracy.

By the way, if you ever think your job is demanding, check this out:


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