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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Once again, Tom Fishburne hits the bull's-eye

Here's yet another rib-tickling insight from Tom into the vast yawning chasm between the catatonic moon-gazing in marketing departments and real life.

Tom has this extraordinary ability, week after week, to make cartoons that pin down the lunacy of what passes for thinking in the empty minded halls of commerce.

A shining beacon of sense in a dreary world. Find him here: http://tomfishburne.com/2011/04/brand-storytelling.

And if you're looking for an envelope idea - well, I can tell you: good cartoons work a treat.

What struck me, too, is that fine minds think alike. Last Sunday in Leicester James Hammond made exactly the same point several times in different ways.

P. S. I hope to put up full details of the Bristol copywriting event on June 2oth within 24 hours. 6 tickets out of 40 already sold. And within a week or so I also hope to have edited videos of the branding event.

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