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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Did you get my insane EADIM half price, easy terms offer? Here’s what one delegate wrote, verbatim

O.K., enough wit and wisdom. This is naked commerce - about EADIM.

It ended three days ago, and I've started promoting next year already with a ludicrous deal.

Why so soon? If you don't know, then you don't know enough about marketing.

Why so ludicrous? Because early numbers help us plan - and then I can put the price back up, ho ho.

But if you’re wondering what kind of person finds EADIM worthwhile …

Or wondering what kind of person wants - and tends - to succeed as an entrepreneur …

And whether you should take my half-price offer while it’s still around …

Well, Denis Thornton who wrote what follows used to fly helicopters in the army.

(Many successful entrepreneurs are ex-forces).

This is what Denis wrote, 48 hours ago - verbatim …

When you’ve read it, if you want EADIM at half price with easy monthly terms, write to me Drayton@draytonbird.com with one word: Bingo. But do so before the end of the month. That's when the offer ends.

Thank you so much for a terrific event. I have pages and pages of actionable notes - as well as insights, new knowledge, and some funny stories. I am also inspired to re-double my efforts, having arrived at EADIM only 3 weeks after completely burning out thanks to multiple business activities alongside the day job. I honestly feel refreshed and optimistic and with a new plan.

Now, as you may know I am a fan of Dan Kennedy, and his monthly newsletter is excellent, but I went to his conference in Dallas in 2010, and it was a bit contrived because of the amount of pitching at the end of each session. I know that you could make a lot more money if you made EADIM like that, but it wouldn't be the same experience at all for us - it really was worth every penny to come. One insight that might intrigue you: everyone I spoke with agreed that we were having our best year of results ever - is that why we came to EADIM, or is it because we invest in ourselves with this training that we get the results? We got very drunk before any answers emerged, I'm afraid.

Please add me to the list for next year's event. Please let me know the dates asap so I can book my el-cheapo (but very nice) ex-soldier's hotel, the Union Jack Club

So there you are, gentle reader.

Denis is not the only one to want to repeat the EADIM experience. We have had one delegate - a pharmacist - come from Sydney twice in succession.

A pharmacist? Yes: a pharmacist. I really don't care what you sell or who you sell to or how much it costs or where you sell it - online or off - or whether it's to businesses or plain folk, we can show you:

How to get more customers.

How to get them for less.

How to get them to spend more.

How to keep them longer.

And if you’re wondering if you should act, please don’t imagine you’ll get a better offer. They get worse as the year wears on. (And I suspect we'll have sold half the seats by the end of the month, which is, as I said, when this offer ends.

Less than a week from now.

It is 10 monthly payments of £100 plus VAT - half price and easy terms.

That’s it.

You can see what Denis liked so much at www.eadim.com

And the word to send me, Drayton@draytonbird.com, if you want to climb on board while you can, is Bingo.

To hell with the Greek economy. Forget Angela and Nicolas. Screw the mess in the U.S. Balls to the people who print banknotes. Ignore the pensions rip-off.

Look after your economy. And it's not a bad idea to start by saving a fair amount now to help you make a whole lot more later.


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