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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Would you believe one old seaside video could build an internet business? Plus a simple thought about investment

Did you see a video I made the other day about the mysterious word Buckshee?

In it I mentioned a man who had built a very successful business after watching a video made 20 odd years ago.

I have never seen the video. All I know is that it was of a talk I did at Brighton University – about an hour or so long, I think.

The firm that video helped to build is called Doyouspain.com – a brilliant name, by the way. It is entirely internet-based and the founder, Jose-Maria Gaillet Fort has done so well he now operates in several other countries

I asked him if he’d make a video telling his story. When you watch it you may say it sounds a bit rehearsed. Of course it is. Wouldn’t you rehearse if English wasn’t your first language?

Here it is.

I have never met or even heard of Jose-Maria until this spring, when he came to see me for our branding day in Leicester. Then he came to the copy day in Bristol. And as you can hear, he plans to come to London for EADIM.

After Bristol in June he asked me for some advice. Then I sent to see him in August. And since then, as you can see, his results have improved by 30%.

Quite a few people say I have helped them one way or another. Some sold their businesses for millions (one for £100 million). Others are happily trading on – one I interviewed last year has a business turning over £20 million plus a year; another built the largest loans business in the U.K. The world's leading internet marketing teacher, Ken McCarthy, says he was inspired by reading one of my books in the New York Public Library.

Could I help you? Jose-Maria’s results improved within weeks. Other successes were over a period of years.

But the easiest way to find out how much better you might do is by spending a little time – a day, or two, or even three - with me at EADIM.

Here’s the original Buckshee video – just write back to me, Drayton@Draytonbird.com saying “Buckshee” if you’re interested.

Why did I talk about investment? Not just because I have worked for many successful firms in that area, but because of a simple truth.

Investment is all about what you put in versus the likely rewards. Two things are for sure.

1. No investment, no rewards.

2. One investment never loses value. It never ceases to pay dividends. It pays off through boom and bust. It is the best investment you can ever make. It is in you.

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