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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Where did I go wrong? Where did they go right?.

About 24 hours ago I got an email from Sydney, with these two pictures.

The writer was the spiv in the white suit, my old partner, Glenmore Trenear-Harvey. The other two old geezers are a pair of ornaments of the Direct Marketing scene in Oz - Ian Kennedy and Eddy Boas.

They were all reminiscing about people they and I knew well.

As Glenmore put it, "From Bill Jayme to Sam Josefowitz, mammoths of direct marketing were de-iced and re-examined by three old codgers as they slurped delicious Australian 'champagne' at the Odyssey Wine Bar, at the Rocks, in Sydney last evening.

Eddy Boas, Ian Kennedy and me had a nostalgia rush as we chortled our way through the pantheons of international direct marketers we've been privileged to have known.

What titans; what rogues and scallywags; visionaries, snake-oil salesmen; comedians, kind, generous people, dumbasses and long-time friends.

You were part of it and would have added more anecdotes to savour."

And what was I doing when I received the email? Revising some copy.

Some mistake, surely.

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