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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

LEAP DAY FLASH SALE to celebrate the 18th birthday of a splendid man

This is a great day for one of my oldest friends - Daz Valladares.

It is his 18th, which is weird, because he looks much, much older.

That's because he was born on February 29th. Leap Day.

If you don't know Daz, well you should get to know him if ever you want to get great deals on media.

He runs Britain's largest independent media planning and buying business.

When he arrived he had nothing; he used to work 18 hours a day to make ends meet.

He is one of the most generous people I know. I have many world class hangovers to thank him for. It actually took about 30 years before I could find a way of paying for lunch when we met (which was pretty frequently).

We met in 1975, when I was at one of my lowest ebbs (there have been two or three). I actually wrote an e-book to explain how I managed to crawl out of that particular hole and make a few quid.

If you buy this book - which is half price for just today - I will be able to buy him a good birthday lunch, and have a bit left over.

Whilst you will know a few useful things I learned, like:

- How to get started - even if you are a natural born procrastinator like me
- How to stay focused
- The question you must answer before you start any new venture
- How to plan
- And how to carry out your plan
- Your biggest asset in business
- How to have a smart office and not pay rent (perfectly legal)

And if that's not enough, I was quite amazed when I saw how much was in the book.

- How to position your brand as profitably as possible
- How to sell your business
- What mistakes to avoid with a few entertaining horror stories
- A little known marketing fact about PR
- How I sold my agency for a few million
- Surprising news about mergers and acquisitions

All this is information I wish I had acquired a lot, lot sooner.

Because it would have saved me God knows how much money, misery and confusion. And I would have worried so much less

You don't have to worry, though.

If you don't think the book delivers 100 x its price to you in profits during the Leap Year, simply let me know, any time and I will happily refund your money without a quibble.

Go here to buy it now.

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