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Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Would a new job interest you - or anyone you know?

A few years ago I created a website which had 400 and odd pages, mostly just advice. Then I decided to improve it - and my life has never been the same since, as everything went wrong.

The new site is up - but I was always rather fond of the old one. But I recall that out of all the helpful stuff we had on that site, the most read was a piece on how to get a job.

Most people haven't got a clue. The young ones because they've never done it before. The old ones because they've forgotten whatever they once knew. They nearly all make the same mistakes.

So today I spent a little time doing a short video to introduce a report on that subject. In the report I give a few examples of what works and what doesn't.

It is actually aimed at prospects for a programme my partners and I are putting together which you can read about on www.eadim.com.

This mammoth venture is taking me on a whistle stop tour of Europe as we have got twelve different countries involved. But in the first place, if anyone is interested in how you get a new job - not necessarily for yourself - let me know and I'll point you in the direction of the video. It isn't up yet but it will be in the next day or so. I'd really appreciate your opinion.

By the way, do you think Obama can beat McCain?

I don't. And if he does, I shudder to think of the effect of his naive protectionist policies on the world economy. Just as I shudder to think of McCain continuing Bush's manifold lunacies. Worrying.

On the subject of lunacies, I spent a day in the divorce courts on Tuesday. That deserves a piece on its own.

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