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Monday, 20 April 2009

The Bliar at it again

I quote without comment from "The Oldie" newsletters - an offspring of that excellent magazine, which you don't have to be as senile as me to enjoy.

"Although he has been a Roman Catholic only for a year or so, Tony Blair already feels confident to speak on behalf of millions of what he calls "ordinary Catholics" throughout the world.

Thus in an interview for a gay magazine with The Independent's Johann Hari, Blair takes issue with the Pope's old-fashioned hostility to homosexuals which he says is out of touch with today's forward-looking generation.

Whether they agree with him or not, the church's leaders are unlikely to welcome Blair's highly publicised pontifications on matters religious.

They must be aware that their new convert is in the eyes of the majority of people in this country a discredited figure held personally responsible for the deaths of British servicemen and women following the invasion of Iraq, an operation he justified with a number of patently false statements.

Blair has never once showed the slightest sign of remorse for his actions and continues to insist that he did only what he thought was right. It's hard to see how he reconciles that self- righteous complacency with membership of a church that calls on its followers to confess their failings and make amends. Perhaps Blair would regard such an approach, like the attitude to gays, as yet another old-fashioned tradition which means little in the modern world and which ought to be jettisoned. As also the church's teaching that the relentless pursuit of wealth and possessions (as exemplified in Mr and Mrs Blair) is contrary to Christian principles."

We should never forget that, if Brown is a low, incompetent, lying shit, the Bliar is, if anything, a bigger one. But can either hold a candle to the ex-premier of Israel, Ehud Olmert, currently charged with corruption?

Whilst he was swanning around on other people's money he persistently (and illegally) made sure that most of the cash given by Germany to help concentration camp survivors was denied them and snaffled instead by the state. He is about to have the best cancer treatment money can buy. They are reduced to choosing between food and medicine.

There is a sobering parallel between these tragic survivors' present situation and what they suffered all those years ago - and Israel would never have had nearly as much sympathy sixty years ago but for these victims of the Nazis. They made their country possible. Now their own leaders betray them.

Surely they deserve to live out their last days in better style than a corrupt politician.

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