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Wednesday, 8 April 2009

It's vanished! Did the council Gestapo remove it?

Almost exactly a year ago, to my huge delight, this Banksy mural appeared on the wall next to the Post Office depot at the end of Newman Street, where my office is.

Banksy's stuff sells for as much as £250,000, it was a wonderful splash of colour - and I like the political comment. So what happened next? Some constipated arsehole from Westminster Council said it was defacing the building and should be removed.

I have no views on whether it's a great work of art, but it has to be 1000 times better than a blank wall. And a blank wall is what it now is. It has vanished. Maybe it was removed by the creep in question. I'm sure this apparatchik - had he been alive at the time, if indeed he has ever been alive - would have taken one look at the Cistine Chapel and had the ceiling whitewashed.

Does anyone know his name? Such pustules on the body politic should be named and shamed.

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