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Thursday, 9 April 2009

Vandals unmasked - and criminals protected by idiots

This is Robert Davis, the living, breathing cultural disaster who heads the committee that thinks a blank grey oblong looks better than a work of art worth quite a lot of money.

Besides the fact that he should have his trousers pulled down and be soundly spanked for causing the destruction of communal assets and replacing them with ... nothing, just look at that absurd tie. Doesn't that tell you all you need to know about his taste?

Then look at the face. What kind of person do you suppose lurks behind that smug facade?

Now, reflect on what he does. He is a local politician. Imagine what it takes to be NOT GOOD ENOUGH to be a national politician, or human cockroach, as we know them to be.

What is frightening is that this man - as you can see from his bio on the Westminster Council website - is not stupid in things other than taste. He's been busy crawling his way up the ladder of slime that leads to success in our hopelessly screwed up society. He is the deputy leader of Westminster Council. (If you don't live her, that includes much of what you think of as London - like the Houses of Parliament, Piccadilly Circus and so on.)

One of the other people who voted to remove the mural is called Susie Burbidge. She's on the Public Arts Advisory Panel. How the hell did that happen? Is she into flying ducks? What advice does she give? Does she really think mud is prettier than pictures? Has she a brain hidden beneath her pretty little blonde locks? Apparently not.

If someone advising on Arts thinks it's a good idea to destroy art, what next? Maybe the people in charge of the police should go around at dead of night beating people up. (Not that the police need any help in that area - more on that in a moment).

The other bloke responsible for this piece of cultural folly is Tim Mitchell. He's a member of The National Arts Collection Fund. With friends like Tim and Susie, do the arts need any enemies?

Back to the Nazis: one of their missions was to destroy art Adolf didn't approve of. I have no idea whether Banksy is a great artist, but people who know about these things think he may be.

One thing is sure: people were coming from all over the place to take pictures of the mural. Maybe they sensed what might happen. And people in the area who were asked about the mural were almost universally favourable. It is the job of people in local government to reflect what locals want.

The buffoon Davis and his cohorts failed to do so. They did not even ask anyone who works or lives around there. They destroyed something that had value and gave pleasure.

Hard to believe. Unless you reflect on this. A criminal policeman who two days ago viciously caused the death of a poor man was captured by the camera of a passer-by. He might otherwise have got away with it. New legislation makes it illegal to take pictures of police. Do the fools who run things here EVER engage brain before legislating?

Adolf would feel at home here: he really would. Mr. Davis and the other elected dictators in this country might like to think about that for a minute.

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