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Thursday, 30 July 2009

Everything carries on as usual

Lord Salisbury, a late Victorian Prime Minister said something I have never forgotten. "One thing long experience of life has taught me is that you never should trust experts."

With what delight I read this morning that organic food does you no good at all.

And with what disgust I read that the Great Prudent Stalinist Toad, saviour of the poor, has over the last 12 years created a tax system whereby the poorest people pay the most tax - 27.9% of their gross income, whereas the richest pay only 10%.

And with what a morbid sense of utter predictability I read that this masterly economist feels it is a good idea to spend £1 billion more of our money on creating non-jobs for unemployed people.

The first 47,000 jobs will cost £300,000,000 - just under £64,000 per job.

Er ... are you on the right planet, Bloato? Did you miss the classes on adding, subtracting and all that at school?

Letting that demented spendthrift anywhere near the National Till reminds me of the old joke about giving a gallon of beer to a drunk.

You know exactly what he's going to do with it. You're just not sure which wall it will end up against.

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