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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

I bet this gets you panting ... or why do all these people speak such tripe?

In case you hadn't noticed, our world is divided into two warring camps.

People who talk and write utter bollocks and have jobs that achieve nothing - or actually make things worse - and the rest of us, who pay for them to do so.

The Bolloqistas include almost everyone involved in politics at any level for any party, and far too many people working for large corporations.

An almost infallible sign in the latter case is a job title including the words "Strategy, Strategic or Officer". This usually means they long since wriggled out of having to do anything useful, and talk guff all day.

Here are two examples of what provoked that little outburst. First, an email I got the other day:

Change Management: How to Get Reluctant Employees to Align Behavior with Company Goals.

Program #AC1106

Date: Thursday, August 6, 2009
Time: 2:00 - 3:00 pm Eastern

Program Overview:

If your organization in going through some type of change initiative right now – and who isn’t?

Note one misspelling and one piece of bad grammar, and then reflect on the underlying message. Are your people thinking for themselves? Here's how to stamp it out and turn them into loyal little company drones.

Nothing great ever got done by somebody who aligned themselves with the bosses. It was done by people who asked: "Isn't there a better way?" That is actually a pretty good way to define what it means to be creative.

And the other day I read one of the Millipede brothers - Climate Change Secretary "Ed", the one whose ears don't stick out so much - explaining why we're all going to have to pay a whole lot more for our fuel because of something Green. (That's another word that always carries a great stinking wodge of politically correct tripe in its wake):

"It's important to be sensitive to people's issues around windpower but our default position as a country needs to change."

What kind of tosser comes out with that sort of pap? Can nobody in politics speak English? And why do we need a Climate Change Secretary ? Will he make the slightest bit of difference? No. King Canute sorted out that little question 1,000 or so years ago. Kick the Pede out and tell him to get a real job. Aligning yourself up GB's rectum can only take you so far.

The main "issue" around windpower apart from those hideous giant propellers is that it doesn't work. In Germany, where they have invested more than anywhere else the man in charge has actually admitted this.

He told the truth! That could never happen here.

By the way, sportslovers, England has beaten Australia at cricket at Lords for the first time in 75 years.

If it took you that long to get something right wouldn't you be modest? But no. Cue for sick-bag fodder about "our lionhearted heroes" etc., a la "Michael Jackson is the greatest man since Jesus Christ" and "Princess Di was a saint walking among us".

The chief problem in our society besides the collapse in education is no understanding of what matters, what doesn't - and why.

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