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Friday, 3 July 2009

Smirking Mandy takes piss - again

I see Lord Mandelbum has taken time off from his task of making sure the Bliar's lies about the Iraq war are not revealed to say something risibly hypocritical even by his obscenely subterranean standards.

The "Business Secretary" whose chief business experience is in force-feeding his bulging wallet with our money said "The government is not some giant ATM in which inefficient failing businesses can come and get any sort of bailout or subsidy when they get themselves into trouble. It's not the government's money, it's the taxpayers'."

This piece of two-faced bollocks brings a magnificent new dimension to the phrase "you patronising wanker."

This insane, can't-count government continues to squeeze businesses so as to subsidise hopelessly mis-employed public servants in such demented tasks as making sure there are enough gay, transgendered and bisexual fire-"persons" around.

It is people in real business who work ever longer hours while these understandably demotivated souls with fantasy jobs take twice as many "sick" days off as people in the real world.

It is people in real business whose nervous breakdowns pay for the pensions of the monstrous regiment of drunks and freeloaders like Mandy-Pandy in the parliaments here and in Europe.

It is people in real business who are forced to waste ever more precious time and energy filling in the crazed, toppling mountain of incomprehensible forms Bliar and McToad have introduced in their drive to create a Stalinist control state.

By the way, Mandy's speech referred to one of the rail firms which, like so many cock-ups, were called into life by that giant ATM machine he has so lucratively adorned: the British government.

You can blame the last Tory shower for the loopy rail set-up; and I wouldn't count on the next to sort it out. Cameron's business experience was in PR - or organised lying. Not a good augury.

The most worrying thing about Mandelson to me is that he is clearly the cleverest of the lot in the Mad Kingdom of Bloato. Unfortunately like many clever men he takes the rest of us for idiots.

On anothet topic, today most people in England were hoping Andy Murray would win at Wimbledon.

If he were English many, perhaps most Scots would have been supporting his opponent. A shame, and a sad comment on our disunited kingdom.

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