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Monday, 17 August 2009

Pinned down perfectly - the alternative being what?

This from The Sunday Times

ANALYSE this: Gordon Brown has been studied by a psychological profiler who says his flawed personality, as someone who “lives totally in his head”, will cost Labour the next election.

To make matters worse for the prime minister, the profiler’s report appears in a book penned by one of his oldest friends.

Brown is described as a “disgruntled dour Scot” who believes he is the only one with the answer to Britain’s economic problems.

Anne Ellis, who has worked for the Ministry of Defence and the National Health Service, puts Brown on the couch in the most unflattering terms for a book by Henry McLeish, a Brown ally and former Scottish government leader.

McLeish’s decision to give Ellis a chapter in his book is likely to upset the prime minister, a friend for more than 25 years.

Ellis writes: “He is often accused of not listening and it appears this way. He does listen; however, the only person whose opinion he really values is his own.” She says most of the electorate see him as “uncaring”.

The current alternative to Brown is Cameron, who it emerges in the Independent - shock, horror! - has been funded in his campaigning by people with lots of money.

Big deal. For over 100 years Labour has been funded by the Trades Unions.

What we have now is a choice between a man whose only principles are his own, and a man with none at all outside the latest poll results.

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