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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Shame (and hypocrisy) all round

This morning in the Metro free paper there was a headline about a "Teacher's Shame" with a picture of an attractive blonde.

"Hello, hello," I said to myself. "Some lucky young chap has had his dreams come true". As we all know, every normal male teenager's dream is to be taught the ropes by an attractive, slightly older woman. As we all also know, the papers, whose smutty hyprocisy knows no bounds, pretend to be shocked.

But this story was different, for the lucky teenager was a girl.

Well, what can I say? As any porn baron will tell you, the one thing that gets men going is two girls together.

Enough of such reflections. On another page a Tory is expressing sadness at the news that a million young people are out of work. "Worrying" is the word he uses. Another piece of two-faced crap . The Tories are thrilled to bits that the Toad is screwing up so comprehensively.

Incidentally, in the Daily Express yesterday it was revealed that if the Bliar-Brown lying machine hadn't fiddled the figures we would know there are actually 6 million people in this country doing nothing ...

I almost feel nostalgic for Mrs. T.

But not quite.

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