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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Well, we pay the stupid pricks

In the never-never land of the public sector what do they do with their time? How come current defence projects are over budget by £35 billion and arrive five years later than expected? Why don't they notice little babies are being beaten to death by thugs?

A recent Sunday Times report leads me to suspect they have other things on their minds. Not a few billion here or there; not the suffering caused to babies; but the anguish caused by language.

Instead of doing their jobs - many of which are spurious anyhow - they're sitting in conference rooms discussing language. To stamp out racism and sexism, they are banning phrases like “whiter than white”, “gentleman’s agreement”, “black mark” and “right-hand man”.

The buffoons at the National Gallery think “gentleman’s agreement” might offend women and the phrase “unwritten agreement” or “an agreement based on trust” is better. "Right-hand man” is another. They prefer “second in command”.

“Gender bias” is another sin. The Learning and Skills Council wants staff to “perfect” their brief rather than “master” it. Newcastle University thinks “master bedroom” is problematic. Are we allowed to have mistresses, I wonder?

There is more. The South West Regional Development Agency waffles: “Terms such as ‘black sheep of the family’, ‘black looks’ and ‘black mark’ have no direct link to skin colour but potentially serve to reinforce a negative view of all things black. Equally, certain terms imply a negative image of ‘black’ by reinforcing the positive aspects of white."

“For example, in the context of being above suspicion, the phrase ‘whiter than white’ is often used. Purer than pure or cleaner than clean are alternatives which do not infer that anything other than white should be regarded with suspicion.”

Pray tell me how this is going to help the unemployed in Devon and Cornwall. In fact how is any of this going to help these people we pay do anything useful at all?

It seems dozens of quangos and taxpayer-funded organisations have ordered this lunatic purge. If they have time to do this, then their alleged puposes don't exist and they should be abolished.

The Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission has told staff to replace “black day” with “miserable day”. It suggests that some words imply a “hierarchical valuation of skin colour”. It tells employees to be mindful of the term “ethnic minority” because it can imply “something smaller and less important”.

I wonder if it was a fucking Prod that came up with that? If so the bastard should be knee-capped.


As an afterthought, suppose they lived in the real world. The world we live in. The world that pays their wages.

Suppose you had a business that was losing money by the ton.

You ask everyone for suggestions. "We're in the shit. What should we do?"

Then someone says, "How about we stop having a chairman and have a chair?

How quickly would you kick the stupid twat out? Would be as fast or faster than you'd like to get rid of half the people in Parliament?

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