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Thursday, 19 November 2009

Am I the slowest, doziest direct marketer of all time?

If you've ever put off doing something you know you should have done, you'll understand what I'm about to confess to.

In 1984 when I was in Sydney, the head of the Australian Direct Marketing Association said “Why don’t you turn your Commonsense Direct Marketing book into a course?”

"Good idea", I said - and immediately did nothing.

So, 25 years and about 200,000 copies and five editions in 17 languages later I've got round to creating Drayton Bird’s Commonsense Marketing programme.

It's based not just on the book, but on my 101 helpful marketing ideas which some of you may get, my other books and everything I’ve learned wandering aimlessly around the world picking up ideas.

It’s basically an internet course, with a few twists you may like. I only hope a few people think it’s worth paying for.

Do you think it might interest you or your colleagues?

I’d love to know, because that helpful Australian was not the last to suggest the idea – quite a few others have since.

If you e-mail me at Drayton@draytonbird.com and say "maybe" I’ll tell you more - and there is a lot more, including monthly interviews with some of the world’s most successful marketers, and monthly seminars.

(Come to think of it, this little wheeze will give you a whole year’s good stuff on everything from why text messages may be the next big thing to how one man made £300 million from direct marketing – for less than you’d pay for one dreary chart and slogan-infested corporate seminar).

What do you think? The idea's not original - but the content will be, I promise you.

So just write back with the one word “Maybe” I’ll tell you more. But I won’t pester you.


I'm off to Minsk in Belarus at some insane hour of the morning tomorrow, and my hostess Natalia says it will be my Golden Jubilee -- it'll be the 50th country I've spoken in.

Whoever would have thought it? Not me, for sure.

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