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Thursday, 5 November 2009

Sex in schools? Watch out, Ed's about!

When I whizzed off to New York the last thing I recall was reading about how teachers are spending their time making sure little kids are not being racists to each other.

This was no doubt another initiative from the supernaturally brilliant "Ed" Balls, our education "supremo". The man never stops, does he? No sooner did I land in London this morning than I saw the great man has instituted a new rule for schools: 5 year olds are to be taught all about sex'n'drugs.

Did any of you British readers vote for that? Thought not. But there's nothing like getting them off to flying start, eh, "Ed"?

But would it not be just faintly more useful to concentrate a little more on teaching the poor little buggers to read, write and add up before they leave school and join the great unemployable swamp you've helped to create?

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