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Thursday, 12 November 2009

On the matter of social media, this made me smile

I got a tweety message from a guy who wants me to follow him. His description of himself read: "ISMA founding member. Certified Social Media Specialist".

Two thoughts occurred to me. 1. Start worrying when they start an Institute. It means six guys got together and thought, "Let's start an Institute. That'll make it look respectable enough to start taking serious money off people".

And when something that's been around for about ten minutes starts having "Certified Specialists" you're in real trouble. Who certifies these specialists? Another six guys who think, "Hmmm. If you're "certified" - well, that sounds great, doesn't it? Up go the fees, right."

Which reminds me. Can any of you remember the days before there was a coaching industry? You know, when a coach was somebody who was very good at something ... so good they could tell other people how to do it? Now you just have to be good at coaching.

George Bernard Shaw said it: "Those who can, do. Those who cannot, teach." Like most aphorisms, not entirely true, but worth thinking about nest time somebody offers to "mentor" or "coach" you.

Sorry, but too many of these people are really good at one thing only. Taking money off you.

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