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Monday, 26 April 2010

Introducing new, miracle “Super Nanny” marketing

Sorry. I only put in that ludicrous heading because nowadays everything on the damn web is miraculous and mind-blowing - so I thought I’d join the hustlers.

Frankly this is not miraculous OR mind-blowing. It’s actually very simple, but it is to do with Super Nanny, and most marketers seem utterly ignorant about what I'm talking about.

By the way, do you know what Super Nanny is? It’s this reality TV show where Jo Frost, a comely buxom wench visits homes with impossible kids and clueless parents who are going crazy, and sorts things out with a bit of commonsense. It’s now being shown in 47 countries.

Well, I was watching her on Sunday (what a fascinating life I lead) and I noticed what she said to this poor woman at the end of her tether with the sort of loathsome brat who embarrasses parents in supermarkets

Don’t tower over the baby, get down to his level and speak as an equal

Explain why you want him to do what you want him to do

Don’t give in to him all the time by giving him rewards he hasn’t earned

Explain exactly what you want him to do

Tell him what the reward will be for good behaviour.

It is perfectly clear to me that Jo Frost knows a damn sight more about how to persuade than at least 8O% of all marketers.

This is especially true of politicians, who routinely talk down to us, promise rewards we haven't earned (and can't afford)and make no attempt to link what we do to what we get, nor even to suggest that we will have to do quite a lot.

The first one who actually tells the truth might be pleasantly surprised. We certainly would be.

I think maybe Nanny Frost should put them over her dimpled knees and give them a good spanking.

Calm down you lot.

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