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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Thanks, Gareth - and whoever thought this up

The Goldman Sachs Caper

Hi - I have this car that I want my friend over here to sell you.

I’m pretty sure the brakes will fail and when you hit something, the petrol tank will explode, because the car is showing signs of those two exact problems.

My friend’s not going to tell you that, though.

Nor is he going to tell you that I was the one who told him it was fine to sell the car to you.

Now, I didn’t actually sell you the car, but I’m planning to take a life policy out on you, because you’re driving a car I’m pretty sure is going to kill you.

Is what I’m doing wrong?

I mean you’ll be DEAD and I’ll be RICH, but technically, I didn’t do a damn thing wrong, did I?

Note: Some things never change. Back in the '60's Ford sold a car called the Pinto that did pretty much that. Then of course there was the highly profitable war (for them and their friends) organised by Bush and the Bliar. Not forgetting the Union Carbide obscenity in India which people are still dying from. And so it goes.

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