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Saturday, 24 April 2010

Yes, it's true folks. They really ARE a bunch of wankers

You've long suspected it. I've long suspected it. The custodians of righteousness are a bunch of tossers.

According to a report by the Associated Press, “Senior staffers at the Securities and Exchange Commission spent hours surfing pornographic websites on government-issued computers while they were being paid to police the financial system, an agency watchdog says.”

One accountant was even blocked 16,000 times from accessing banned sites, the report said, as the results of a series of probes conducted during the financial crisis began to surface yesterday.

Seventeen of the employees were “at a senior level,” said the AP report, some earning salaries over $220,000 per year. ABC News revealed that several of these tossers are still at it.

I am irresistibly reminded of the lines from Samuel Butler's Hudibras, the hypocritical puritan who "compounds for sins he is inclined to by damning those he has no mind to".

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