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Thursday, 8 April 2010

A little healthy debate - and my election manifesto. Vote early and vote often for Ian's dog Moose!

I normally try not to repeat myself too much, but I just had an interesting exchange on Facebook with David Hodson - well, interesting to David and me, anyhow.

I first wrote that Gordon Brown in an attempt to seem ordinary rather than fucking useless asked a supermarket worker on one of those phony meet the real people events in the futile hope of seeming less like a bloody Dalek whether he' d get a job there. I then wondered if they have any toilets that needed cleaning, since if he did anything more demanding even Tesco would be bankrupt in a fortnight.

David then asked, "But would you employ someone who has done an ok job for a number of years or employ someone with no credentials who seems like a dick??"

I thought his premiss rather suspect, to put it mildly and replied: "If by 'an OK job' you mean a man who while in charge of its finances has managed to produce the greatest level of debt this country has ever enjoyed, saddled us with a horde of useless public "servants" and is a proven liar about just about everything you can name starting with how he let the military down, the analogy bears little scrutiny. Though on the other hand, Cameron does seem a complete tosser, and the origin of our ills is just as much the kleptomanic Bliar."

David responded: "That's exactly what I meant - and by debt do you mean digging the financial institutions out of a whole (sic) with our money to protect our money?"

I then responded, "No, I don't mean that. I mean the squillions pissed away in the 11 years before; the catastrophic shift of resource from 40% public to 53%; the insane public/private partnerships which have fucked our transport system - and cost billions; the further billions squandered on consultants; the still yet more billions lost on computer systems ... and so on. And I wasn't thrilled when he stole half my pension fund which took me 25 years' hard work to fund all this.

That was just the final blow. The fact that so many of the people involved in "sorting" that out were his appointees is another matter. An OK job? The man could not run a public lavatory. As I pointed out on my blog a bloody Labrador would have done better - and would certainly be more trustworthy and likeable."

That's enough politics, folks.

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