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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

How did I ever fail to come across Tom Fishburne?

For a long time I wrote a column for Marketing - in fact some people think I still do, although I stopped well over a decade ago.

Anyhow, I was replaced by Mark Ritson, a very perceptive commentator, much better looking than me, with lots of hair - and a business school professor, which didn't stop him talking a lot of good sense.

He recently wrote a very good piece called “Hoodwinked by the Emperor’s New Tweets”, which in turn was brought to my attention via the brilliant cartoon above left.

Mark wrote, “Most brands don’t have the newsworthiness, broad appeal or dynamism to have any chance of making Twitter work for them.” This all reminds me of the days when lots of fools were conned into thinking customers wanted to have "relationships" with their boring products. Who wants to make love to a bag of crisps?

That is by the by: I just think Tom Fishburne is wholly admirable. And that's all from me today.

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