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Thursday, 20 May 2010

Just in case you can't sleep: a new Gold Standard in jargon. Any skilled translators around?

This just in from Wandsworth Cemetery. It's only a shame that the member of the Undead who wrote it can't spell "seamlessly".

Performance Canvas Planning is the first fully unified Information Synthesis, Performance Management and Planning tool that uses the collaborative power of Office 2010 allowing business users to communicate and maintain different dashboards seemlessly. Also, our unique BI Wiki functionality used to top of Office 2010 allows users to monitor, analyze and plan collaboratively. Performance Canvas Planning allows users to work within Excel 2010 and to further push data out into the web, allowing multiple users to interact with dashboards and mashboards from any internet connection, even from mobiles.

Isn't that just great? But there is more ...

Performance Canvas Planning integrates flawlessly into MS SQL Server 2008 R2, the latest data warehousing release from Microsoft and as well as the newest release of SharePoint 2010. Working with Power Pivot, Microsoft Excel users will be able to further drilldown and perform comprehensive forecasting and modeling. They can create, monitor and control plans from every department. With native integration in Excel, Managers are able to instantly report not only financial and operational data, but to pull data from departments such as marketing, human resources. The limit to what data that can be pulled into a report is not just within the company, but users can pull data from external sources such as financial websites and news sources, making reports on customers and competitors valid, in real time. The best part about this software program is the native excel functionality and the ability to access these resources from the web without having to learn a complex, new software platform. Performance Canvas Planning goes beyond data collection and analysis but allows a management team to have a clear, common perception of the business and plan for its future.

Find out what how Performance Canvas Planning can help you make the most of your companies data today!

Love the exclamation mark for the easily excited. You can just imagine a night of passion with the author, can't you?

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