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Friday, 7 May 2010

Presenting the long-awaited inorgural issue of a brilliant new magazine

You're probably a bit fed up with gnawing your thumbs as your await the consequences of our farcical general election, so here it is.

Years ago I sent a memo to all my creative people reminding them of what they were up against, and quoted a series of headings largely culled from the front pages on women's mags.

To this day I gain great pleasure from the stuff they print, but none of them, not even Grazia, which is the best, quite reaches the matchless heights of thrilling new
OVERANALYZING magazine which takes journalism just that little bit further than it has ever been before.

Thank you, George Machun for sending me this. I shall not waste a second subscribing. Oh, and yes, "inorgural" is a deliberate mistake.

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