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Sunday, 13 June 2010

"All marketers are liars" - but there are limits, don't you think?

The "liars" quote is the title of a book by Seth Godin, I think.

Oddly enough I commissioned some research for a client years ago that showed that customers are not fooled. They know we are a bunch of bullshit artists.

That's why conventional advertisers, who mostly are too dozy to measure their results, neglect that powerful tool the testimonial, whilst everyone who does count uses it all the time.

Apropos of nothing much, one of the most successful mailings I ever wrote was to sell what were then the world's most expensive cruises, which is why these two pictures made me roar.

The one at the top shows what one firm promises your fellow passengers are going to be like. The one at the bottom shows what they really were. No kidding.

If we tried that stuff on in a mailing for a financial client, we'd all be rotting in jail.

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