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Friday, 11 June 2010

“You cannot be serious” - with apologies to J McEnroe

Just to keep you up to date on what’s happening in the world of great literature ...

If you’re all telling the truth (and subtle motivational research reveals you who read this are almost uncannily honest) there’s what they used to call "a massive pent-up demand" for my 3 webinars on better writing.

But you know what? Demand like that is often so pent-up that a startling percentage of those who say they want to attend a webinar don’t.

So before I dust off the old cane and mortarboard I’ll get back all of you who said “yes” next week, and give you the times.

(Though of course you can watch whenever you like, really).

Just to remind you what the three webinars will cover:

They will chiefly be about writing to persuade - including everything from what to do before you write and how to manage your time to how to get ideas, with advice on better writing from George Orwell.

I will also analyse examples - including some from Bill Jayme, a friend who was long seen as the best direct mail writer in the world. Plus some inferior stuff I banged out myself.

And as always in the weird and wacky world of marketing, there'll be an excruciatingly good incentive if I can think of one.

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